This page will profile the construction of my C3P0 Project.
Proud Member of The R2-D2 Builders Club
Proud Member of The C3-P0 Builders Club

11/04/06- 3P0 has his first event! we travelled to Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade to display C3P0 along with Michael Senna's R2-D2 for Cinemax, as they were promoting the HD premiere of all the Star Wars films. My son Kory braved the suit, as I still do not fit very well into the torso. Very fun event!

10/29/06- Parts have returned! Great thanks to Vacmet for a fantastic job! I know others have had problems metalizing, but if you put in the extra time to sand and primer the parts, they come out very well. Hopefully I can get some pics up right away!

10/18/06 - Hand delivered the parts to Vacmet for metalizing!

10/17/06 - Final sanding using steel wool...almost done.

10/16/06 - Glued detail pieces on arms and legs.

10/15/06 - Started primering the parts.

10/09/06 - Cut out holes for new brass eyes.

9/11/06- My 3P0 Kit arrived today, and it is awesome! Thanks Chris!

9/06/06- Finished assembling the rice lights to the brass eye sockets.

9/01/06- The kit has been shipped, and is on the way!

8/05/06- Ordered the neck bolts from Russell!

8/04/06- Just spoke with Chris after his Australian adventure for LucasArts Games...Vacmet did a fantastic job on his suit! I think he has finally found our metalizer! Can't wait to get my suit and send it to them.

7/15/06- Ordered the black lycra leotard undersuit from "hklcxc", an Ebayer from China.

7/10/06- Ordered the brass antenna from Russell Brown.

5/23/06- Ordered the rice lights from "sixstarsales" on Ebay. These will be used in the eye lights.

4/06- Ordered Chris Bartlett's complete fiberglass 3P0 kit, including the new rubber shorts!

3/17/06- The head arrived today! It looks fantastic! Very snug fit...not for people with average to large size heads.

11/22/06- Purchased fiberglass head! The project begins!

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