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As I have not had very much time to build in the last several months, I have decided to post some pics of my parts collection.

8/31/07 - Just received a package from David Shaw...the long awaited CPU Arm! This thing is an absolute work of art...David, you have out done yourself. Not only did he create a fantastic, screen accurate part, but he painted it as well! Well done mate!

ABOVE: This is how David packaged the parts, well wrapped and with fancy little R2 stickers.

BELOW: He even etched serial numbers on the parts! This is the first sign of a truely warped mind...

Every single part was neatly wrapped and placed in a tube, David even included the two allen wrenches required for assembly!
The finished product, almost a shame it will spend most of its time hidden behind a door on R2.

David's attention to detail is incredible. A great deal of work from a very patient builder.

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