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Current B9 DVDs Available.
B9 Build Off 2010
B9 Builders Round table
Will Huff - Servo Arm Animatronics
Gordon Smith - Arm Articulation
Thomas Messerschmidt - VEX Controller
Special Appearance by
Bob Kinoshita, the designer of the
B9 and Robby the Robot!
B9 - Building with Servos - Power Point
B9 Build Off 2009
Event Video
Torso Repair
Bondo Demo
Donut Machining
Donut Reinforcement
Craig's Acryllic Vent Demo
Bob's 12/24v Wiring Tutorial
Wayne's Event Protocol
Jerry - Event Insurance
B9 12/24v Wiring PDF Download
Roboduino PDF Download
B9 Build Off 2008
Event Video
Craig's Neon Tutorial
Neck, Brain Cup and Brain
Jerry's Backplate Tutorial
Navigation Display
Special Features
Each DVD is $20.00 separately, $35.00 for two, or $45.00 for all three, and includes shipping anywhere in the world.
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2010 R2-Depot

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